Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One word changes everything....even Valentines Day

I don't have a lot of chances to go out alone with my hubby. Mainly we don't 
have a ton of extra funds and choose to use them in other ways when they come 
along. When we do go out we usually have gift certificates of some sort we got 
as gifts to use. Gotta love gift certificates! This being said we never pay for 
a sitter! That has only happened One time in 8 years of having kids. If we did 
pay a sitter the night would be over right there! Lol but we have been very 
fortunate with our close families that it normally works out that we have 
someone to watch them when we need. This has changed a lot with my dad being 
sick. My mom has always been my rock when it comes to watching the girls on 
occasion. She would happily drop any plans she had to watch them! It has always 
been something I really appreciate and makes me feel good leaving them with her! 
But now she can't leave my dad so much anymore which is understandable and with 
Brad's moms broken ankle we don't have a sitter. I had pretty much wrote off 
going out this year to celebrate Valentines, my anniversary or birthday.  And I 
was okay with it! I quite enjoy staying in and enjoying a quiet evening after
the girls go to bed. 
So this year knowing I didn't have a sitter I had planned a night in with my 
four loves! I really enjoy time with my girls and planned some fun stuff to 
celebrate with them then time with hubby after they go to bed. Then I got a 
message that I won a Predators Valentines package including dinner and tickets. 
Guess what that meant? Finding a sitter! I had to hire someone but it's okay. 
The girls were excited to spend some time with a fun teenage girl! So looks like 
I got my night out after all!

The weekend before Valentines I spent with my girls creating Valentines treats! 
We started with a fun photo shoot including cupcakes! I might not ever be able 
to get all my girls to look at the camera and smile at the same time but who 
doesn't smile when you have a cupcake right? We had fun and got some sweet photo 
memories! Then I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my girls. This brings 
up so many memories for me! I Love baking and cooking and spent many hours in my 
granny's kitchen as a child. I'm sure I have some of her talent in that area 
because my mom is not great in the kitchen and doesn't share the passion my granny  
had and I now have in the kitchen! My granny taught me so many wonderful 
things in the kitchen but the memories I cherish most is the time she spent with 
me.  That is what I hope my girls have one day and I hope I can also share with 
my grandchildren! 

We started with cookies, heart cookies. Pretty simple right? Well maybe so but I 
love making cookies and if I do say so myself I'm quite good at it. So we made 
my specialty, made from scratch iced sugar cookies. I have this recipe down to a 
science and could really make these in my sleep. So we made six dozen heart 
cookies and then decorated them. They turned out so cute for the girls to hand 
out for Valentines day at school! And they are pretty tasty too!
Valentine cookies
Next was a new idea to try and I was kinda nervous about how it would all turn 
out. But I decided we would try homemade candy bracelets. This was a long 
process but So worth it. I whipped up the candy from scratch and baked it. Three 
batches of different flavored rings and hearts from meringue. Then 
the girls had so much fun stringing the candy onto string to make the bracelets! 
I was pleasantly surprised how well they did at this as again this was a long 
tedious process. But they did great and made 24 bracelets for their friends. I 
was so happy how these turned out! They are so cute and tasty. Much better than 
store bought with all those added preservatives in them and much more special!
We created more than just a cute gift but also a wonderful memory of making 
girls making candy bracelets
finished candy bracelets
I love time with my family. I have always cherished every moment I can spend 
making memories with them! But through my dad's sickness i have realized this is 
even more important! This Valentines turned out different than I expected but oh 
so much better in so many ways! One word can change my Valentines day but maybe 
it made it even better! Remember to hug your loved ones tight and make sure they 
know how much you love them everyday not just on Valentines day! 
Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. You are definitely the best cookie maker that I know. Even Skylar says so. For the record, your treats were the only ones I let her eat. The others went straight to the trash. ;) Glad you got a night out with the hubs!