Friday, January 27, 2012

Words that just need to come out!

I have written about the last four years and things I have felt and experienced 
and wanted to share this too many times to count but never have. Every time 
I start to share I chicken out. I can't let anyone that close to know the real 
me. Because if they find out who I really am inside they might run and never come 
back. Even now as I peer down at these words the tears are flowing and that knot 
in my throat is throbbing! Can I possibly share this with the world? I have to 
for my own sanity and it's easier this way because I would never be able to get 
the words out through my mouth! As a mom and a woman I think this is common! 
We are scared to let people know we aren't perfect! But Hello none of us are 
perfect so let's just quit pretending and be Real! So hear goes world i am 
letting go and letting you know!


  1. You're such a fantastic human. are a great Mother, Wife, and Daughter and sometimes it's okay to shout. Heck, I'll shout with ya. I am honored to have known you as long as I have and I am humbled by our friendship. Love ya.

  2. I can't wait to read more. Writing is so therapeutic. And, yes, I hate all the pretending to be perfect that goes on among us moms as we attempt to just make it through the day sometimes. I'm not prefect either. Let's be imperfect together. I actually find it to be an encouragement that other moms have similar hangups as me. :)