Friday, January 27, 2012

One word that changes.....everything!

Rewind my life almost four years, March 2008 that is where the story begins. I 
was probably at a high in my life which included a wonderful husband who I loved 
with all my heart, who was my close friend & who I loved to spend my time with.
I had two perfect daughters, Kyleigh 4 years old & Kyndal 2 years old, who were  
perfect in every way and i was five months pregnant with baby number three. 
I had an amazing life with my little family & amazing parents whom i loved with 
all of me. I cant explain how special my parents are but we enjoy every minute 
we can be with them. They are loving, supportive and so very generous! I could 
never imagine better parents & i can only hope to be as great as they are in my 
children's eyes. Back to the end of March 2008, We were on vacation in 
Disneyworld the happiest place on earth with my parents. This trip was perfect 
in every way and memories we will have for a lifetime. Kyleigh and Kyndal 
enjoyed every minute of the trip spending time with nana & papa! It was a 
wonderful trip filled with enjoyment of rides, princesses, swimming, eating & 
most of all love! 
Kyleigh & Kyndal at Disneyworld with nana & papa

Then the trip was over and life would never be the same. When we returned from 
the trip one word changed everything!  we found out my dad had CANCER. Not my 
daddy i thought he is healthy and strong not what cancer looked like in my mind! 
Immediately my perfect life was turned upside down. My dad was immediately 
whisked to major surgery to remove his colon and the cancer that had taken over. 
This surgery seemed to go okay until his fever spiked and wouldnt go down. Then 
it was realized an error had occurred and again he was whisked away for an 
emergency surgery to repair a knick. He didn't come out the way any of us 
expected. Straight into ICU I walked to see this that could not be my healthy 
daddy I knew from just a week ago! As bad as it seemed it only got worse! The 
diagnosis from biopsy showed stage 4 colon cancer. How could this be? This one 
terrible word changed everything!

So in the next days and weeks many emotions soared through me. My dad did 
recover from the surgery and came home. I finally felt like it was okay to 
celebrate my little bundle soon to join our family. Although I still felt guilty 
ever being happy when I thought of what my dad and mom were going through. I 
struggled daily myself but had to be strong for my mom and my kids so I never 
gave in just keep trucking along not letting anyone know what was really inside! 
I only got through by many nights of staying up late crying and praying. I held 
tight on God who could get me through anything! I would never be the same 
because one word changed everything!

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